Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Power to the Powder

Step Four

After foundation the next most important step in my makeup routine is my powder, as someone with skin as greasy as the McDonalds kitchens and pores as big as craters powders are literally my best friends.

I have searched and searched to find the perfect powder and have fallen prey to countless numbers who claim to mask my pores but in reality to little more than leave me heartbroken. That was until I discovered By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra Powder

They Say: A true cosmetic innovation, this ultra-fine, colourless powder of micronized hyaluronic acid and silica microbeads is the new beauty step for a soft, matte, corrective finish. 

I Say: It is a clever new powder which sets and provides a luxurious finish to foundation. The product is so finely milled it makes your skin feel as smooth as silk, I literally can't stop touching my face when I wear it, something I do not recommend if you want your makeup to stay in place!

I apply using a Kabuki brush after foundation and concealer focusing on the area around my nose and cheeks. I push the product into my pores in this areas, and gently brush over my T-zone. The product blurs imperfections creating a soft focus affect. My skin looks well and truly poreless, a feat no other product has managed to come anywhere near achieving.

However I find its strength does lie more in the blurr than banishing the shine. While this product is in a league of its own when it comes to hiding pores it is not so great at controlling the shine. I only use this on special occasions as it costs an arm and a leg and I would recommend using a product more specifically created for oil control on your T Zone, any of Laura Mercier's powders will work!

Other reviewers have commented on a slight white cast appearing on the skin when it is initially applied but once it is buffered in probably it completely disappears. It does mattify my makeup, I also apply it when I have finished everything else to take away the sheen from certain products, but I find it does this without changing the colour of everything else. 

I have applied the powder to the right side of my face only. I haven't fully pressed the powder in so there is a slight white cast, this goes away when the powder is properly buffered, but as you can see my skin looks so much smoother than the left side!

If you want to try Beauty's latest innovation head down to your nearest Space NK where these sell for £41

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