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3''' more inches

Sorry boys it won't work on that!

So I've mentioned a few times on my blog how much my hair has grown in the past few years. Before Uni it would not grow further than my shoulders no matter how many products I saturated it with. This all changed when I went to Manchester. I joke that although all the greasy food and alcohol wreaked havoc on not just my waistline but my whole entire body, freshers fifteen more like freshers thirty(!) it did wonders for my hair. 

Whilst binge drinking and eating may not have been the root cause (geddit ha! At least I make myself laugh) of my hair growth something was. And that something was......

Michael Van Clarke's 3''' More Inches
£29 from Space NK

So the Science bit....The idea is that once hair is out of the scalp it is no longer living and therefore cannot repair itself. From here it starts to suffer the wear and tear of everyday life. This causes the molecular bonds in your hair to break, and your hair is less able to hold moisture, meaning it becomes more brittle. This accelerates the loss of further bonds and thus begins a cycle of doom! The unique blend of ingredients in the 3''' more inches system is meant to penetrate deep into the hair shaft; repairing broken bonds and helping to protect the hair from further disintegration.

The system consists of a Pre Wash Treatment, Shampoo and Conditioner. I only purchased the Pre Wash Treatment.

What They Say: Most people have healthy hair at the roots but can’t grow healthy hair to the length they want. Modern lifestyles; heat styling, colouring, sun, sea - all damage and age the hair shaft. This wonder treatment with a unique cashmere protein and amino acid blend, slows the aging process and helps your hair grow longer faster. 

They recommend to apply this product to dry hair from root to tip, leaving to soak for an hour and then rinsing. For best results use this treatment every second wash.

What I Say: For me this product deserves Holy Grail Status. 

You get quite a lot of bang for your buck; 500ml for £29. However, how quickly you motor through it depends on the length of your hair. I need about 3 pumps to cover my hair from root to tip. I'm not the best at remembering to use products religiously. However I did use this about twice a week for three or four months. Sometimes I would shove it on on a lazy day and then shampoo it out, but more frequently I left it on over night, when products allow the extra time frame I always like to make the most of it! 

The consistency of this is much more fluid than other pre-shampoo treatments I have used, for example Philip Kingsley's Elasticizier (another Holy Grail). It is fragrance free, which is good for those with a sensitive nose. I wouldn't say this product was particularly moistursing, It didn't leave my hair super soft like my Elasticizier does. I wouldn't recommend it as a replacement to any deep moisturizing treatment, but then that is not what it purports to do.

It claim to fame is to make your hair grow 3 more inches and that it does! My hair is stronger then it has ever been, longer, and overall a lot healthier. I have noticed less split ends, I am moulting less into my hairbrush and shower drain, and my hair no longer has the triangular tip shape. It also dries much nicer. This is quite an expensive product BUT if you are desperately trying to grow your hair this is a MIRACLE PRODUCT. It doesn't work overnight, you do have to stick with it and give it some time to work its magic. I can't really pinpoint a time frame where I was like wow my hair has started to grow. It's like growing in height or losing weight, you can't really notice small differences, only dramatic ones. 

The last time I used this product frequently was about six months ago. It is not a product you have to buy again and again for upkeep. One bottle shall do the trick. I still have quite a bit left of my bottle, you could start using it again after excessive heat styling or dyeing. 

Before my hair would not grow past my shoulder. It looked weak, brittle, and you could clearly see a lot of breakage.                  

After using the treatment for a few months my hair has never been as strong or long. It has weathered dip dyeing well with minimal breakage.    

I cannot recommend this product enough for those looking to grow their hair, or those seeking to strengthen their hair. 

What do you think? Have you used any Michael Van Clarke products before? What do you use to make your hair grow?                                                                                

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