Thursday, 11 October 2012

All for one and one for all

Today I am going to be reviewing and swatching Laura Mericer's Bonne Mine Palette

Now this palette is exclusive to Sephora, which means it is only available in the US, however if you, or anyone you know, are making a trip across the pond any time soon this is one little treasure I would highly recommend!

I got this palette bought for me by a family friend. I antagonised over asking her to get it for me for several reasons. Firstly I think I found one blogger who had actually used the palette on her face. It is all well and good swatching products on your arm but it didn't give me alot of an idea what the product will look like on my face. Secondly the fact that the palette consisted of cream products worried me slighty, with a face like an oil rig, cream consistencies are known to slide off my face relatively easily.

However I made the plunge and boy am I glad I did!

What They Say: An ultra-sheer, blendable palette inspired by Laura Mercier’s work with her celebrity clients, featuring a bronzer, cheek colours, and highlighters to deliver a sunkissed, 'no-makeup' look.

What I Say: The colours can look quite scary in the pan. If you were to judge a book by it's cover you would assume they were highly pigmented, dense colours, and I would not blame you for running a mile from this product.

From L to R: Cheek Veils, Glow Veils, Bronzer 

However, there is no need to be alarmed, the creams form a really nice texture, are easy to blend, and very very sheer, meaning you can build up as much, or as little colour as you wish.

Inside the palette, behind the mirror are step by step instructions on how to achieve that ever so elusive flawless 'no-makeup' glow.

So here is me following the instructions:

It is suggested that products be applied with fingertips rather than brushes which only adds to the quick and easy on-the-go appeal of the palette.

Bronze Veil


               Unblended                                                                                 Blended

Cheek Veil

I used the lighter colour on the apple of my cheek, and the darker colour as a contour.
You can always tidy up the shape of your cheek colour with your foundation brush, ideally with left over foundation on from your earlier application.

Glow Veil

I used the lighter of the two colours

Finished Look

Excuse the bed head!


I can't notice any discernible shimmers in the bronzer so I would class it as matte. It may look a bit like the colour of an umpa lump in the palette but, hopefully, as you can see in the pictures once blended it imparts a really nice healthy, dewy glow. It can be used as an all over bronzer or a contour and I think it would be flattering on most skin tones.

I really love both cheek veil colours. The lighter one is very pretty and natural, perfect for that Apres Ski flush. The dark colour is perfect for Autumn, when you want more of a berry colour to adorn your cheeks, I think this colour would be really flattering on darker skin tones. The colours can be mixed together, or worn alone, both are super blendable and buildable so are incredibly user friendly! They are also shimmer free- so no glitter balls here!

The glow veils are my only slight niggle with this product. They are both quite dark for highlighters, verging more on the bronze side of the spectrum. The dark colour would be perfect for darker skinned girls, but the rest of us will have to wait for summer again to use that shade! The lighter colour actually isn't too dark once blended and looks quite natural on the cheekbones.

Overall, the products sit on the skin nicely, and don't feel too heavy or greasy, something I was really concerned about. They last for around six hours on your face before they start sliding off. A great multi-purpose product if you can get your hands on one, definitely something I will rebuy!

Perfect for achieving that St Tropez glow whatever the British weather! 

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