Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Tangled Never After

On a more positive note.....

As well as putting beauty products through their paces I also want to include some of my holy grails, which well and truly deserve the label!

First up...
My beloved Tangle Teezer

As well as having troublesome skin I am also blessed with dry knotty hair that is a HELL to brush. I used to have to drown my hair with conditioner and leave in conditioner and then spend the next half an hour tackling my tangles in what felt like a full body workout!

Enter the Tangle Teezer

They say: It glides through wet, vulnerable and colour treated hair with no pulling, tugging or yanking, minimizing breaking, splitting and damaging caused my mistreatment.

I say: I know I am probably a bit late to this party but o well I LOVE IT. I have finally said goodbye to the tears and tantrums caused by my tangles. I have abandoned my leave in conditioner, I now simply run my new best friend through my hair a few times and voila beautifully sleek, smooth, shiny hair.

This is a product that DEFINITELY lives up to the hype, I now actually look forward to brushing my hair and that says ALOT about the Tangle Teezer

Now for the proof.....



As you can see my hair looks shiny, straight and relatively frizz free! Now to just find something to give me some volume!

Note: I have no products on my hair, this work was solely done by the Tangle Teezer

They retail for £10, are avaiable in such a fun range of colours, and can be bought online from
or in store from Space NK,  John Lewis, Boots, and Selfridges

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