Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Bath Time Bliss

Radox Ramblings

This is a bit of a weird one but what the hell.

What with me interning and my boyfriend at law school we have very limited funds in our flat at the moment. He has a slightly worrying obsession with baths and as the weather is getting colder and colder I am finding myself immersed in a piping hot bath on an almost nightly basis.

Now when it came to deciding what bubble bath to buy we had quite a little tiff. I was gung ho for philosophy bubble bath. They smell ahhhhmazing. However Mr Sensible was not going to allow us to spend our very limited funds on a £14 bubble bath, so I sulked, it didn't work, he chose a £1 Radox number and we were on our way.

He chose a shea butter and ginger flavour. I can't say it smells particularly gingery but it does have a buttery aroma, it reminds me of those body shop body butters everyone used to have. Now as a bubble bath it does the trick. It's not particularly luxurious and it certainly doesn't entice me to the bath, but it doesn't irritate or dry my skin.

HOWEVER. I was having a lazy day last week and decided to wash my hair in the bath. Something I NEVER do. I have a real problem washing shampoos out of the back of my hair and previously whenever I have washed my hair in a bubble bath the bubble products seem to have worked their way into my hair and left it feeling heavy and unclean. I was expecting this to happen last week but was more than pleasantly surprised. My hair was squeaky clean, no bath product residue has weaseled its way into my locks and they were left super super soft, I literally couldn't stop touching it. I'm not really sure how it worked, if the nourishing formula added extra moisture to my hair, but my hair stayed feeling cashmere like for the next three days until I could be bothered to wash it again. The next time I washed my hair it was in the shower, and the result was just not the same! I have tried my new little trick a few times since then and it really does work wonders! 

I never thought I would be gushing about a £1 product that my boyfriend chose (no one tell him!) but there you go it really does leave my hair feeling incredible! I would totally recommend getting your hands on one of these cheap and cheerful products, there are quite a few different smells, and seeing if they work for you!

Do you have any hair washing tricks?

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