Thursday, 10 January 2013

Loving London Life

Winter Sandwich 

Yesterday my boyfriends sister came to visit, she's been doing a year studying abroad in Washington so we wanted to do something Londoney. 

I saw the Winter club sandwich advertised on the Daily Mail (not your a typical guide to happenings) agessssss ago. Me and my friend got really excited and tried to book it for like October, turns out it didn't actually open till January, our bad.

Anyway we finally made it there yesterday and all I can say it WTF. 

The afternoon tea is the result of a collaboration with food designer Linda Monique and the restaurant's pastry chef. What at first glance looks like your traditional pub fare of chips, ketchup, mayonnaise, fried egg and club sandwich is in fact a sweet take on the savory classic.

Instead we were presented with cinnamon fries, spiced poached pears, earl grey tea mayonnaise, a sandwich made out of slow roasted braeburn apples, chocolate, caramel, and marshmallows, and marshmallow and lemon curd egg

It was such a mind f***.  Me and my friend were really hungry, and tbh could have easily devoured some chips and condiments. Although we knew that what we were eating wasn't going to taste like what it looked like, it still messed with our heads. A real taste sensation.

My favourite were the cinnamon fries, Rich liked the sandwich and Emma liked the egg. so there really is something for everyone!

We had ours at dinner time, but there are three sittings- lunch time (12-2.30), afternoon tea (3-5) and dinner (6.30-8), I would recommend going for one of the earlier sittings and it might be less brainwork for your brain and stomach.

It truly is a unique experience, that I would totally recommend everyone tries out! Now I want to try it the other way round, circa Rachel's savoury trifle from friends, any ideas?

The Winter Club Sandwich will be available for a limited time only at 1901 restaurant, from 1st January to 31st March 2013, priced at £10 per sandwich