Monday, 21 January 2013

Rant or Rave?

Winter Wonder

Origins Drink Up Mask review 

The word dehydrated is not often found chilling in the same sentence as my name. I have such an acute fear of the d word that I have most likely drowned my 2 liters by lunch time, with the tally racking up to 4 going on 5 by bed time. 

Me and my best friend have coined the phrase 'the point of no return'. The somewhat apocalyptic sentiment refers to the feeling of utmost thirst that no amount of water can quench. This highly stressful corner of the world is somewhere I do my most to avoid. 

So cutting to the chase dehydrated skin is not typically one of my (many, many, many) concerns. However. I have just returned from a weekend skiing in France (picture Bambi on skis, a drunk Bambi on skis- who also fears heights and speed- and enjoy the mental image of me tackling the mountains) where I was fighting wars on several fronts. Frankie vs the slopes, Frankie vs crazy fast Europeans, Frankie vs fitness (or lack of), and Frankie vs dry, dehydrated skin.

My normally obsessive water consumption literally fell by the wayside. Breakfast water was replaced by coffee (I needed all the energy I could get), lunch time by hot chocolate (who can resist a steaming cuppa warmth in sub zero temperatures) and dinner by coke (it was a holiday after all). Needless to say the freezing cold weather combined with mine and waters time apart could have ended in catastrophe. 

Whilst I may not have won Frankie vs the slopes, the crazy fast Europeans, or fitness, and I have the aching bruised body to show for it, I did kick the butt of dry, dehydrated skin.

This was mainly thanks to having Origins Drink Up mask fighting firmly in my corner. The mask is designed to be used when skin 'faces a marathon of dehydrating circumstances' and fluid levels are running low- sounds exactly like my predicament non?

Forget all you can eat. This is all you can drink. Nature's very own cocktail quenches even the thirstiest of skins, leaving skin hydrated, soft and supple. You are meant to apply the mask to clean dry skin, leave on for 10 minutes then wash or rinse off. I applied the mask every night whilst I was battling the elements and washed off in the morning. By that time there was not a speck left on my face, my skin had literally lapped it up over night. In the past I have been weary of moisturizing creams, fearing a pore clogging breakout inducing mess. But for once that was not the case. 

I may not have won all my ski related battles but I won the war against dry skin. 

As I have said I am not a frequent flyer to the land of dry skin, but this mask gets a gloved thumbs up from me. Whilst this mask is ideal for those drier skin types I think anyone and everyone could and should use it. Your skin can always do with a little extra moisture, especially this time of year- seriously there was basically no difference in snow levels between the French mountains and London's streets! I plan on using it once a week now I am home and don't need such intense moisturizing- but it will work well to counteract any dryness from my gang of acne busters.

If you are suffering any pesky dry patches all you need is a gulp of Origins Drink Up mask to wipe the floor with winter skin.

Origins Drink Up Mask is £20 and available from John Lewis, larger Boots stores and online

What do you use to combat winter skin woes?

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