Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The Solution

Muscle Malign

So I made my first new year venture to the gym today, I like to think of myself as relatively fit, I practically lived in the gym for the past two years but I will admit since the summer I have been rather lax. Boy oh boy am I regretting it now. I thought I would ease my way in with a 45 minute body conditioning class, peanuts right?

Wrong, so, so, so wrong. I wanted to die after the warm up, the warm up I hear you sigh incredulously  but yes the warm up. The ten minute aerobic stint had my sweating and gasping for breath, I looked less gym bunny more bunny having run for its life after being chased by a fox, getting the picture? It only got worse with endless squats, lunches, and sit ups. I was staring daggers and the overly chirpy instructor by the end of the class. For me being fit is about more than just loosing weight, I normally like the exhilaration of working out, pushing my body, and most importantly feeling the satisfaction afterwards.

Well after that class I just feel quite simply dead. Pair that with the fact I did an hour of hot yoga yesterday and right now an 80 yr old hip replacement smoker could give me a run for my money.

In times like this I turn to Aromatherapy Associates.

Aromatherapy Associates use the purest blend of natural oils to target specific body and mind ailments. I got the starter set, containing all 9 ranges in miniature sizes, you only need one or two capfuls per bath or shower, so each bottle should last me 4-5 baths. The potent blends claim to calm the mind, bring the emotions into balance and ease strains and muscular tensions in the body.

I shall in time do reviews on the rest of these little power houses, but for now the one I am 
reaching for is De-Stress Muscle.

You can either pour the capfuls into your bath and apply on to your body and then jump in the bath or shower. When I'm not feeling lazy I apply to my body, you can really them working their magic when you do it this way. Beware you should let them seep into your system for around 2 minutes before you jump in the shower or bath and wash them off. Right now I'm feeling a littttle lazy so straight into the bath it goes. 

First of all it smells delicious, very spa like. The scent fills the whole bathroom and is incredible. But more importantly it does what it says on the tin. It eases away the aches and pains of the day, bringing a much needed relief to my tired whining limbs. Pure heaven in a bottle. As it as an oil you don't need to apply a lotion afterwards, as it leaves your body baby soft, extra score!

My set retails for £50 
You can get a smaller size, where the bottles last one use for £30
Or make a commitment to that special one, or two, or three, for £37

All are available at http://www.feelunique.com/brands/aromatherapy-associates/bath-and-body

Now for the price of these I don't use them every bath time, and it takes ALOT of restraint not to do so, but when you need that little bit of something something these hit the spot.

Check back for more reviews on Aromatherapy Associates minis

Have you used any? What's your favourite way to alleviate muscle pain?

Ta Ta for now, there's a hot steamy bath calling my name

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