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Spotlight on Nude
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'You are more beautiful NUDE'

I recently had the opportunity to learn a little bit more about the natural, high-performance skincare range Nude. It was founded in 1998 by Bryan Meehan and Hass Hassan. They aimed to create a skin care line that would do for skin what organic food had done for diets, in fact Meehan had previously launched organic food emporium Fresh and Wild. 

Whilst now the distinctions between natural and hi-tech brands are a lot more blurred, with naturals harnessing the power of science and vice versa, back in the nineties people didn't believe that natural and organic beauty products could pack enough of a skincare punch to tackle their concerns. 

Enter Nude.

Meehan and Haasan wanted to create a credible alternative to the big shots sans the chemical cocktail. They combined their experience with organic food with extensive research into what the skin needs. Their range hinges on the basis that whilst synthetics stay on top of our skin natural elements are absorbed. 

Nude skin care revolves around one key ingredient. The n-probiotic. n-probiotic works at the heart of cells to stimulate celluar energy and trigger the skin to produce its own anti-ageing ingredients. Within 24 hours, skin starts producing its own natural anti-ageing ingredients, the ones that occur in abundance when we are younger but start to struggle as we age; collagen, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants. This means the body is able to determine what ingredient it needs the most. Instead of forcing your skin to absorb something it does not want or need Nude products stimulates your skin to assess the internal situation and react accordingly. Effectively forcing your body to act as it's own diagnostic and chemist. Genius right? This means that you are creating changes from the inside out, and the changes won't suddenly stop the moment you stop using the product. As we could all do with an extra boost of something, especially if you live in pollution infested London, there is a Nude product for everyone!

The other innovative component to Nude technologies is the use of omega oils. Omega oils are essential for skin health, yet we as a country do not eat enough of them. No eating salmon once a blue moon will not do the trick! Your body likes to prioritize. If you are only giving yourself a small intake the benefits will go to your vital organs first and your skin last.  Omega oils work to nourish the whole skin cell, supporting the skin's natural defences and protecting the cells from ageing stress. Think greater concentration, clearer skin, stronger nails and longer hair. Seriously who does not dream of that. Whilst fish oils are a great way of getting your omegas for those who don't like the taste let your skin do the eating instead. 

Using 10 different 100% pure and active plant oils Nude skincare contains 4 different omegas.
3- Redness and Irritation
6- Moisturizes and hydrates
7- Renews and Repairs
9- Protects and nourishes.

Nude has 4 different ranges which use specific omegas, carefully selected to treat a particular skin type.

Radiant- for normal skin contains omega 6
Replenish- for dry skin contains omega 6 & 9
Purify- for oily and combination skin contains omega 3
Whilst the advanced anti ageing (think 45+) Cellular Renewal- contains omega 6 & 9 plus cellular renewal technology (to boost cell renewal)

The ranges cult product ProGenius contains all 4 omega oils working as a botanical buffet for your skin. 

In addition the range consists of; the cellular renewal serum, perfect cleansing oil, purify cleansing wash, purify toning water, miracle mask and perfect polish.

The whole range consists of the n-probiotic except the oils (as it needs water)

Nude is gluten free and suitable for vegans. All packaging can be recycled. And all products are beautiful without parabens, sulphates, synthetic fragrance, mineral oil or silicones.

In a nut shell. Nude uses ingredients which are produced within your skin and precisely suited to your skin, so effects will be more targeted, long lasting, and there will be less risk of irritation. 

Check back for a review of two of my favourite Nude products ProGenius and Miracle Mask.


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