Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Bare Faced Beauty

Hi there!

I am an avid, bordering on obsessive reader of beauty blogs, product reviews and watcher of online tutorials. I personally never buy ANYTHING beauty related without zealously reading everything and anything related to the product. Doing so much research prior to a purchase might sound crazy to some but in the long run it is saving me a lot of money on disappointing products, (and I use other people's opinions to justify some of the more hefty price tags!)

Whilst I completely trust the opinions of my favourite bloggers sometimes I find myself purchasing products just because they say they work. It is one thing someone raving about the supposedly new beauty holy grail but what about the age old saying the proof is in the pudding?

I want to use this blog to trial new skin care, hair care, makeup, nail and body products, truly putting the sometimes hyperbolic claims of the industry to the test, and photographing my journey along the way!  

Hopefully (!) this means when you're next considering a purchase you will be able to see concrete proof of whether or not the product lives up to the hype!

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