Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Bronzed Goddess

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I am lucky enough to tan pretty much the second I walk into the sun. I may sport a very enviable golden glow during the summer months but the rest of the year I look like pale pallid polly. I vividly remember one DT teacher asking me if I was anemic no, no, not ill just sun deprived.

I like to look tanned all year round, I wish I had enough money to jet set off every couple of months to top up my tan but alas I cannot. So I rely on a vast array of bronzing products.

My personal favourite is Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer

They Say: Getting tanned and glammed has never been more delicious! We've combined the natural deep, rich, seductive and skin soothing effects of real cocoa powder, to create this delectable deep tan in a compact. The bronzer neutralizes red and evens out and enhances all skintones leaving a radiant finish.

I Say: It is so hard to find a matte formual bronzer, the only other one on the market I can think of is Benefits Hoola but I think that one can appear quite muddy on the skin. Most other bronzers contain glitter, and even in their tiniest particles, glitter just tends to make skin more oily. 

The product is very easy to apply and blend. Although it looks quite dark in the pan it applies very sheer, so you can built it up to achieve your desired look.

I use it to contour my face applying it in the shape of a three: Along my temples, cheek hollow, and jaw line. If you struggle to find your cheek hollow pucker up like a fish and the indentation from the top of your ear to the bottom of yours lips is your hollow. Contouring your face creates the illusion of cheekbones, can be used to disguise those double chins, and when used along the size of your nose can even make it look thinner!

I also personally love the hot chocolate esque smell. It smells great when you open the pan, but the smell doesn't linger long on your skin.

Here is me wearing the bronzer. I apologize for my extremely wonky face, this blog is definitely going to give me a complex!

A guilt free 0-calorie chocolate treat that you should definitely indulge in!

What's your favourite bronzer?

You can pick it up in Boots for £22.00

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