Monday, 22 October 2012

Rant or Rave?

Dermalogica Clearing Mattifier Review

I'm such a geek when it comes to makeup. Actually I'm a geek when it comes to pretty much anything. But lets focus on the makeup. I have a Want folder on my computer, where I save images of all the latest things I'm lusting over. I can only buy things after they've been saved in my Want folder. I do this to make sure that I don't make any hasty, un-obsessively researched, regrettable purchases. This little baby was in my Want folder for yoinks. I was so excited when I finally got it. Think skipping around the house, stroking it like a baby, love at first sight excited. What do I think about it now? After six months of use? Confused.

£34.20 from Pure Beauty

They Say: Dermalogica Clearing Mattifier is a medicated topical treatment that clears breakouts, reduces congestion and controls shine. Organic Silicones melt gently into skin to help diminish fine lines and smooth skin texture while providing an all-day matte finish. 
Niacinamide, Zinc Gluconate, Yeast Extract, Caffeine and Biotin purify and inhibit overactive sebaceous activity while Salicylic Acid clears congested follicles to minimise future breakout activity. Cinnamon Bark Extract helps reduce comedones and calming Green Tea and Chamomile soothe inflammation associated with breakouts.

I Say: First off, I love the feel of this on my skin. I have a real thing for silicones, weird I know. I'm trying really hard to think of the words to describe the texture. Smooth? It that lame? Powdery? Yes, lets go with powdery. It has a powdery feel, with a satin like finish. The product comes out quite thick, but is completely opaque and really does melt into the skin. I use this in the morning, after I have washed my face, and before my Active Moist moisturizer. 

As I typically apply this first thing in the morning my skin hasn't really had the chance to build up a significant layer of shine at this point. I have applied over my mid day slick before and it does mattify on contact, however this only really works when you are not wearing makeup underneath. I find applying it on top of makeup can disrupt the makeup and make it move around a bit. 

I haven't experience any breakouts when using it, but I am not 100% convinced that it 'clears congested follicles' or 'reduces comedones for clearer skin'. Also who the hell knew that comedones was the plural of blackhead?! I wouldn't say that this was a miracle skin clearing product, as I was led to believe by all the reviews on the Dermalogica website! There are so many hyperbolic claims floating around on the net about this product, I seriously thought I'd buy it and be able to say goodbye to spots forever. Naive much?

Anyway this product definitely hasn't had an adverse effect on my skin. It is a real treat to apply, and I feel like such a good girl by wearing something which protects me from free radicals. This can be used as a primer, makeup does apply well on top of it and it does make my makeup last about an hour or two longer.

What how does it work at keeping those oilys at bay? I think this product works best on those days when you decide to forgo makeup. I'm having a lot of those lately, as i'm desperately trying to kick my skin's butt back into action. I wore this this morning, with no makeup, and was shine free all day long. From 8 o'clock this morning to 7 o'clock this evening. Seriously impressive street cred. However, when I wear it with makeup it just doesn't work as well. I don't know why, it might be the oil content in the other products I'm putting on my face, but when wearing makeup I do have to blot around midday.

A great mattifer, but a must have? I'm not sure. I'll carry on using this product till it runs out but I'm not convinced of the need to repurchase as of yet. Whilst it is really impressive at shine control on clean skin for its price point it should work equally well on made up skin. At the moment I'm happy settling for the workable but next time I want the OMFG where has this product been my whole entire life, Holy Grail.

Any Recommendations?

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