Saturday, 27 October 2012

Trials and Tribulations

Week Three

I seriously think I have schizophrenic skin. Last week it looked like it was on a one stop train to clearskinville. But this week has encountered a few hiccups along the way. 

I have still been using my Clarisonic, Eve Lom Cleanser and Alpha H every day and night. I have switched the head on my Clarisonic to sensitive, so I'm not treating my skin too harshly (although it probably deserves it!). My skin feels so so clean after every wash but every morning this week I have woken up to a new lodger on my face.

I have a few little whiteheads setting up shop in my clogged pores, something I have never experienced before. There are no longer any active spots on my jawline, but there are a few on that space between the jaw and top of the neck. I'm not sure if this is because I apply my foundation down onto this area and maybe am not washing it thoroughly enough? Who knows. Another thing I'll have to address next week.

The Eve Lom claims to brighten and tone your skin. That I can't fault it on, my skin definitely looks alive. No lack luster winter skin here. Dullness is not a problem. My skin may look radiant but it is still congested. I'm convinced my skin is suffering a personality split. It just can't make its mind up.

I've been searching the internet in my desperation and came across the Dermalogica face map.

Now I've had my skin mapped by Dermalogica before, and at the Dove spas in Virgin gyms. Both go over your skin with weird sci-fi looking scanner things and tell you the levels of elasticity in your skin, where it is oily or dry, how much sun damage it has suffered and basically inform you of your skin's type. I have always assumed I fit 100% into the oily category, but apparently I have combination skin, so I would definitely recommend getting it done to make sure you are buying the right products for your skin type. They do it for free at the Dermalogica counter in Libertys.

Anyhow ramble over this is what I found online:

The photo seems to by copyrighted so here is the link

It basically explains why we suffer breakouts in certain areas.


Apparently your forehead is regarded as the sister zone to your bladder, if you frequently suffer breakouts in this area try drinking more water or eating more whole foods.

Breakouts between your eyebrows are related to your liver, so try cutting back on the alcohol and fast food!

Breakouts or unusual hair growth on your jaw line can indicate hormonal imbalance, possibly caused by stress. 

Congestion on the cheeks is most common among smokers.

Well I don't smoke and I hope I don't have a hormonal imbalance but I am extremely stressed at the moment, trying to find a part time job to find my life is not the most relaxing of tasks! That could maybe be an explanation for this weeks blip, but maybe I am just clutching at straws.


I'm going power through with my three supposed holy grails and see what state my skin is in next week!

What products do you recommend? Do you agree with Dermalogicas analysis?

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