Friday, 2 November 2012

The Liebster and Versatile Blogger Award

So I am super excited. I have been nominated for The Liebster and Versatile Blogger Award by the lovely Rachael from 5'1 is the new 6'2

I haven't been blogging for thaaaaaat long yet and I am still waiting for the hordes of followers,  COME ON PEOPLE FOLLOW ME :) But it is nice to get some recognition, and especially from someone with such an interesting and addictive blog as Rachael! One of things that drew me to blogging was, what I perceived as, a really friendly blog-a-sphere. I wanted to be able to talk about my passions with similar minded people, and find someone other than my boyfriend to bore to death with my beauty ramblings! And I hope this nomination is the first step towards that goal!

Onto the nominations

The Liebster Award:
Here's How it Works:
- Each person much post 11 things about themselves
- Answer the questions the nominator made for you and also create 11 more questions for the blogs you nominate
- Choose 11 people and link them to your post
- Go to their page and tell them.
- No tag backs! - Easy - enjoy!

Versatile Blogger Award:
So here are the rules:
- If you are nominated, you've been awarded the Versatile Blogger award.
- Thank the person who gave you this award.
- Include a link to their blog.
- Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you've recently discovered or follow regularly.
- Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award with a link to their blog.
- Finally, tell  7 things about yourself.

Here are my questions from Rachael:

1.Why do you blog?

I don't buy ANYTHING beauty related without reading reviews first. So I wanted share my opinions and passions with those like minded kindred spirits! I also thought it would be a great way to make some new friends. Awwwww. 

2.Hair care or make-up if you had to pick one?
Make-up. It's my Achilles heel. Thinking of the amount money I've spent in Space NK makes me feel more than a little nauseous

3.If you could pick any city for a night out which and why?
Manchester. It's where I went to Uni and most of my friends are still there. It has got such a different vibe to London, much more laid back and MUCH less pretentious. There really is a night out for whatever mood you're feeling.

4.Heels or Flats and why? (I know which I am! *cough* heels *cough*)
Depends on the night. I love heels. I'm tiny, barely 5 ft 2, so I love feeling the same height as everyone else and being able to talk to their faces rather than chests, or stomachs in some cases! BUT I always end up taking my heels off, I have such a low tolerance for foot pain, and my boyfriend always end up carrying them! I think of my heels are pieces of art, so If I know the night is going to be scummy and there is any chance of ruining my little babies it's flats all the way!

5.Your BIGGEST annoyance about blogging? 
People not following me! Someone be my friend!

6.Craziest drunk act?
Ummmm. I really don't know If I can choose just one. I tend to black out on nights out, waking up with NO memory of the night before, so I think that question is better directed at my friends!

7.Can you speak any other languages, if so, what? If not, do you want to?
No! Shamefully I learnt French from 4 till 16 and still can't communicate much more than bonjour! I do know how to say my leg hurts in German if that counts for anything?! I would love to learn Italian I think it's such a romantic language.

8.Would you ever sky dive? (I have a strange curiosity about this hehe)
No, never! It is my idea of hell. I hate heights, I start shaking when I walk up steep stairs, and I love to be in control to dive from a plane and not be able to decide when it stops and I land....HELL

9.Favourite phrase/quote and why?
If you do X for me I'lll love you forever. It really has helped me get my own way ALOT! 

10.What's your dream job?
Working in beauty PR, and I am currently interning doing exactly that so hopefully I am on my way!

11.Have you read an erotic novel - if yes, which and why? (Don't you ladies lie to me!)
Sadly no. Am I missing out?!

So here are my eleven questions:
1. If you had to choose one beauty holy grail what would it be?
2.If you could live in one city in the world where would it be and why?
3.Are you Team Edward or Jacob?
4.Do you watch the Real Housewives? If so what's your favourite city?
5.Do blondes have more fun?
6.Would you rather be boiling hot or freezing cold?
7.The Kardashians- yay or nay?
8.Are you a dog or cat person?
9.What's the most fulfilling thing you have ever done?
10. If you got given £1000 what would you spend it on?
11.Any beauty tricks to share? 

I know this has been a VERY long blog post and I apologies! But here are my eleven nominations:

Olivia's Choice
The Beauty Visual
Design Kirsty
Beauty Loves Books
A Place For Beauty
Vanessa Lucy
Luxe Noir Beauty
Tales Of A Pale Face

Happy Blogging :)


  1. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, I love yours and would love to follow each other! Do you have Google Friend Request?
    Chloe xx

    1. Im still kinda new to google things! Am a complete technological nightmare! I have bloglovin' we could follow each other on that? :)


    2. Followed you on Bloglovin :)
      Thanks so much for nominating me! Mentioned you on my blog here:

      Chloe xx

  2. Thanks for the nomination! I've mentioned you in my post :)

  3. LOVED your answers sooo glad I picked you ehhe - though I had no other reason NOT to your blog is fab so down to earth and real - not fake I hate fake blogs or bitchy ones haha

  4. Thanks sweetie for the nomination!! I really appreciate it :)

    xx Olivia

  5. aw thankyou for my nomination ! i will follow you on bloglovin'
    kristy xxxx