Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Hair Care Hero

Percy and Reed Volumizing No Oil, Oil For Fine Hair

You know those women who never seem to have a hair out of place? Girl crush Olivia Palermo I'm thinking of you. Well I'm one of those who never seem to have a hair in place.

My hair tends to look less hot mess more birds nest. Hawt I know. That is why I love Percy and Reed's Volumizing No Oil, Oil, particularly the fine hair version.

No Oil, Oil doesn't contain any oil, as you probably guessed. This means you can say goodbye to tacky, weighed down locks. The packaging doesn't make clear what the oil substitute ingredient actually is (do they ever), but all I know is I'm walking on water with this little lifesaver. The water-light texture instantly absorbs into my thirsty hair, it gulps it down little a big glass of Evian (my water of choice). 

You can use the oil on wet hair. The vitamin B5 strengthens your strands, whilst the wheat proteins protect your hair from heat (something I am guilty of almost never doing- the hair police will be after me). But my favourite way of using the No Oil is on my dry, frizzy, looks like someone has attacked me with a balloon hair. I always carry one around with me in my handbag and would rather surrender my phone to a stranger than this hero (ok exaggerating a little, but not a lot). I pump 1 -2 drops into my hands rub them together and run through my hair. They say you can dip a blusher brush into the oil and brush that through your hair but you may look a little curazy doing that in public. But each to their own. Use it near the roots to add some va-va-volume, and throughout the ends to tame those fly-aways. 

My latest hair obsession. Olivia Palermo perfect hair you will be mine.

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