Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Rant or Rave?

Rodial Crash Diet Sticks

Whilst I used to be a self confessed gym bunny I have to admit my recent definition of a holiday diet has consisted of walking briskly from the station and switching my milk from semi-skimmed to soya. However, with bikini season right round the corner (I go on holiday on Monday the corner is about to smack me in the face) I am determined to look less killer whale more Brazilian bikini model (well I can dream can't I).

After emerging from winter hibernation I have rediscovered body parts I haven't seen in months (feet- I'd forgotten what you look like, stomach- what the hell happened to you?!) Recently I have not been the most faithful of partners to my diet, blue cheese keeps leading me into a life of adultery. But this summer my tummy's time is up.  Si-a-rah-nara sucker.

I love Rodial's tongue-in-cheek products, Boob Job and Tummy Tuck I could do with a bit of you. The Crash Diet Sticks claim to present a diet-free way to battle the bloat. Sound right up my lazy street. Over the next week I'll be sipping two sachets a day (the intense version, well you know what they say go big or go home) to (supposedly) increase my metabolism, drain excess water and promote fat burning. I am slightly skeptical- I drink (and pee out) so much water a day I'm not sure how much is left in me in retention. The ice peach taste is surprisingly quite nice. At first I thought mixing the sachet with 100ml of water seemed like a crazy small amount, but it actually tastes a whole lot nicer when downed in a shot. It is strange that they say to sip throughout the day. Ignore the instructions and down it fresher. Just close your eyes and think of peach schnapps. 

I've been taking them for three days so far and whilst I haven't noticed any weight lost my stomach does feel flatter throughout the day. I'll let you know how it goes.

Someone hide the cheese.

The sticks are available on several sites online beware that some sites (Harvey Nichols and Debenhams) are charging £48, but although Space NK are sold out online they're going for £19 if you can get your hands on them in store!

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