Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Rant or Rave?

Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Muse

Pucker up beauties you're in for one hell of a ride with this little number.

I have to admit I'm rather partial (read: half of my makeup is from there) to Hourglass. It has to be my favourite makeup brand I've discovered this year. High accolades indeed.

A LA based brand the products are designed to meet the oh-so-discerning needs of those Californian babes. 

I can't stop lapping up the lippie. Especially Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick.

They say: The proprietary blend of advanced polymers in this liquid lipstick delivers intense, vibrant color with exceptional longevity. Skin-conditioning emollients, antioxidant fruit extracts, cili fruit, goji berry, and vitamins A, C and E help to protect the lips throughout the day.

Sounds a bit fancy schmancy to me. One thing for sure it is richly pigmented and dramatically matte. One swipe and you're good to go. 

They claim that it lasts 14 hours of continuous wear without flaking or dryness. Here is wear it gets a bit sticky up in here (figuratively speaking, literally the texture is very balmy). Whilst it does work its little butt off you must, I repeat must apply to dry, 100% clean lips. There must be NO lip balm, Vaseline, Baume de Rose, you name it in a 5 mile radius of your lips. For the formula to really work its magic it needs to be adhering to naked lips, not a slip and slide. Whilst the Vitamin E does create a softer texture than your traditional matte lipsticks it is not the most forgiving to dry lips. Exfoliate the night before and lather on the balm and it won't act like a beacon to your chapped pout. Secondly, you must allow it a few minutes to dry before eating or drinking. I ignored my own cardinal rule on holiday and the lipstick was completely gone after dinner, leaving a not so attractive ombre effect.

Lecture aside if you follow the rules this little number will stay as long as you can play. I can't remember much about my birthday but I know my lipstick looked good! Gone are the days where you could tell which glass was mine by the bright coloured rim my lipstick left or whose boyfriend was mine by the territorial cheek print. Pros and Cons.

My personal favourite is the coral-red Muse. A very bright, traffic-stopping colour, it is less neon, and more wearable, than it's Femme Rouge counterpart. Whilst it looks scary in the tube, it really perks up your face, and looks ahhhmazing with a tan.

So pucker up, and kiss who you want, you won't be leaving a mark....not that I advocate that kind of thing....

£23 available here
Slightly more expensive than your drug store purchase, but you'll be reapplying a hell of a lot less- so it'll last a lot longer. Price Justified. Gotta love my beauty logic. 

Kiss, Kiss xx 

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  1. oooo i really want to try these!! look soo good xxx xxxx