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BaByliss Big Hair Review

Me and my hair have never been the best of friends. One style I have never been able to rock is two day old hair. I can just about manage to get my hair verging on the borderline of nice the day I wash it, but once it has been slept it it's a serious no go the next day. My hair takes the meaning of bed head to a whole another level. 

I would wake up to a greasy mop of a bird nest. I used to get my hair cut religiously when I was younger, believing that if I got my split ends trimmed every six weeks I would miraculously grow long luscious locks that even Rapunzel would envy. Alas this never happened, and for years my hair would stubbornly refuse to grow any longer than my shoulders. 

This started to change whilst I was at University, I don't know if all that alcohol and junk food I shoved down my throat gave my hair some added nutrients  or if it truly was a miracle but suddenly my hair began to grow. My hair is now in much better conditioner than I can ever remember. 

Normally my go to style for second day hair is a bun or pony tail, a great way of disguising the grease and dry, knotty, frizzy mane. However this morning when I woke up my second day hair didn't look too bad, even if I say so myself. 

So I decided to give this little baby a go.

They Say: Big Hair gives you hair that's shiny, sexy and totally fabulous. It's the bigger, the better when it comes to fashionable hair, and Big Hair will give you that beautiful on-trend look. Use on damp or nearly dry hair and let the large rotating barrel easily create that all-essential volume, while the soft bristles give your hair an amazingly shiny finish.

I Say: I've used this before on wet hair but today I let it loose on my dry hair. My hair lacks a lot of volume and by lack I mean volume is not a word in my hair vocabulary. It dries relatively straight but flat, flat, flat. 

The BaByliss Big Hair is a brush, hairdryer hybrid. There are few other similar ones on the market but this one had the best write ups. The brush is very big and quite clunky, it will not be ideal to travel with. It comes with three heat settings, cool, warm and hot and two buttons to make it rotate either left or right.

Sounds easy. The brush glided through my hair easily enough and the heat was very noticeable, not like my hairdryer which at times feels like it is setting my hair on fire.I brushed the brush through the hair then switched on the rotater, let the barrel grap my hair and twist up to my roots.

The brush isn't as user friendly as it purports to be. As you can see it did not wind my hair particularly neatly. I let the brush do its thing but it did really pull at my roots and whilst it wasn't painful you could certainly feel a tug. I took quite a few attempts to master the technique, I am a still far from a pro, but I think I might have cracked it. 

                  Dry Second Day Hair                                                                           Styled Second Day Hair

The trick that worked best for me was working with small section of my hair. This made it much easier to manage. I released the rotating button when the pull was too much, pressing the other button to help the release. 
The BaByliss Big Hair transformed my lack lustre locks, my hair looked like it had gone in for a professional blow dry, K Middy eat your heart out!
When I've used this product wet it dried my hair really quickly, and styled it simultaneously, a great time saver! But, it did create quite a lot of fly away which need to be tamed with some Moroccan Oil. I think this product is in it's element when used on dry hair as a refresher. It left my hair shiny, sleek, and with some much need lift!
Takes a while to get the hang off, but anything that lets me leave the house with two day old hair that is not scraped back off my face is a winner from me!
The Big Hair is all over Ebay and Amazon for much cheaper than RRP which is about £45
Have you used the Big Hair before? What do you think of its transformative powers?

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